Our responsibility towards humankind and nature

The economy cannot function without transport. As a “green sector” company, we are certainly aware that commerce contributes to environmental pollution. While this pollution can never be entirely eliminated, we have learned from experience that the environment, service and quality are all closely related.

As a medium-sized, family-owned and modern business, we are well aware of our obligations towards environmental protection and safety.  We choose the locations of our branch establishments to make use of the best transport connections. Sites on fringe areas of urban centres and short distances to freeways and airports are important criteria in the selection of these sites.  

Our modern fleet of vehicles plays just as important a role. At present, the majority of our vehicles we use meet Euro 5 emission standards and are also equipped with noise control tires. Furthermore, the average age of our trucks is less than three years.
Our scrupulous production, as well as our timed transport and an intelligent route planning system allow us to avoid too many empty trips. We combine trips whenever deadlines permit and make use of growing networks and synergies in order to ensure the best load on the transport contingent available to us – and which both spares the environment and saves costs.

Environmental guidelines, which are binding for every location, are rooted in our company principles:

  • We continually strive to improve our environmental performance.
  • We take care to make the best use of resources.
  • We regularly assess all environmental impacts and reduce them to a minimum.
  • Measures such as optimised route planning, higher logistical utilisation capacity, reduction of empty kilometres and the use of low emission vehicles help reduce environmental impact.
  • Environmental consciousness is promoted among our employees at all levels of the company.
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