Sources of supply

Our global network of producers and suppliers, as well as the auctions in Herongen and Aalsmeer make it possible for us to obtain virtually every product throughout the entire year. Over the years we have thus created such a well-founded and global supply network that today we can access it on a daily basis.  The development and fostering of our supplier base, as well as our aspirations in the selection of appropriate partners, have made it possible for us to become one of Germany’s largest importers and suppliers of roses.

Our range of products includes the entire product line available in florist shops and a great selection of niche products such as diverse exotic flowers. Our buyers attend the auctions personally and therefore have the advantage of a daily selection of the products; thus they are also able to maintain important personal contact with the regional gardeners.  All Bloomways buyers are experts in their field who specialise in certain product groups or individual items.

Even on the international fronts we maintain regular contact with our suppliers and examine the products before purchasing for quality and classification. Our goal is to always offer our customers exactly the service they need for their success!


A great deal of our products are obtained through the auction at Herongen and Aalsmeer. Bloomways works with two purchasing teams at both auctions at the same time.

This ensures that our customers get a well-structured selection and that our products are available at a constant quality and in any desired quantity at all times.


There has been a close business relationship between Bloomways and its producers and growers around the world for many years. This relationship forms the basis for direct purchasing from the growers that allows us to provide shorter delivery times, better freshness and of course the best market pricing for the customers. We import a wide range of decorative greenery from Costa Rica, Guatemala and the US Pacific Northwest.

At Herongen we are supplied several times a week with container loads of aralias, aspidistra, bear grass, leatherleaf, salal to name just a few. Roses are delivered daily from Kenya and Ethiopia. Twice a week, huge shipments of exclusive, large-flowered roses and dianthus/carnations arrive from Ecuador and Columbia. A broad selection of exotic flowers are shipped from Costa Rica and South America. Producers from Costa Rica and Columbia supply heliconias, musas, bromeliads and other specialties. We receive a variety of proteas and Cape greenery from South Africa.   

Occasionally, new varieties arise as a result of our long-standing close cooperation with the producers and growers.  These new varieties enhance the supply in the premium sector by making it more attractive.

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